Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Now I'm really in trouble - Adesso sono veramente nei guai

This evening, about a yard from the entrance of the den with the puppies I mentioned in the previous post, I found a tiny black puppy, who apparently has nothing to do with the ones in the den. For one thing they are about 5 to 6 weeks old, come out of the den to roll around and play, whereas this one is much younger - eyes not quite open, can barely lift his head and his fur is black and curly - no other curly ones around. It's a mystery. Well what is one to do? That's right. I had to bring him back to the apartment in a box with one of my t-shirts and I am feeding him milk with a syringe. I've been told that the pharmacies sell a milk that is specifically for unweaned puppies, so I'll get it but I will also try to take him to a vet. Hope he makes it through the night! For the moment his name is "Picciri`": Neapolitan dialect for "little one".

Questa sera, a circa un metro dall'entrata della tana con i cuccioli di cui ho scritto recentemente, ho trovato un cucciolo piccolissimo e nero, che sembra non avere nulla a che fare con quelli nella tana. Prima di tutto quelli hanno circa 5 o 6 settimane ed escono dalla tana per giocare, mentre questo e` molto piu` giovane - occhi ancora non completamente aperti, puo` a stento alzare la testa ed il pelo e` nero e riccio - nessun altro cane con il pelo riccio nelle vicinanze. E` un mistero. Beh cosa potevo fare? Ovviamente me lo sono dovuto riportare all'appartamento in uno scatolo di cartone avvolto in una delle mie magliette e gli sto dando il latte con una siringa. Mi e` stato detto che in farmacia vendono un prodotto proprio per i cani non svezzati, quindi domani lo comprero`, ma domani cerchero` anche di portarlo da un veterinario. Spero che sopravviva! Per il momento l'ho chiamato "Picciri`". 


ornella said...

ciao Anna Maria , dimostri di avere un grande cuore e di amare tanto gli animali.Ti fa onore . Un bacio Ornella

Janis said...

Ohhh Anna Maria...you seem to have been given the duties of dog guardian angel. I am sending you good thoughts, strength, and light to handle all the challenges coming your way. xo

anna maria said...

Ciao Ornella, grazie. Ogni volta che mi ha svegliata durante la notte con i suoi lamenti e poi dimostrava di volere la mamma e non il latte, mi dicevo che era un problema, ma che non vedevo che altra scelta avrei avuto!
Un abbraccio,
Anna Maria

anna maria said...

Hi Janis, thank you.
Every time he woke me up during the night with his sad little cries, and I thought "this is going to be complicated", I kept telling myself I really had no other choice...

Kim Rae Nugent said...

He might not be able to potty himself yet. After every feeding, gently massage the anus and urinary orifice with a cotton ball or Kleenex moistened with warm water until they urinate and defecate.

Be very gentle when you do this and don’t worry if no urine or stool is produced after every feeding.

Here is a site with more info.

Good luck!

anna maria said...

Hi Kim, thank you so much for the information. I discovered this myself last night after doing an internet search and now you have confirmed it. Not even the vet who kindly came out to the house to see him yesterday mentioned this. The problem is he is eating very little and is thin (I can feel his little bones), I am doubtful that he will make it.
Do you by chance know what can be done about fleas on a dog this young?
I'm now going to read the link you kindly provided.
Thanks again!

Jan said...

Anna Maria, I hope little Picciri survives because he came into your life for a reason. You were meant to find him there. You both need each other. That's what I think and I'm stickin' to it! :)

anna maria said...

Hi Jan, I thought the same thing in the middle of his first night with me. He has survived 2 nights and 2 days so far. I enlisted the help of a second vet, who gave him an injection and an ointment for his eyes, since he opened them for a day and then they got infected and also told me where I could get puppy formula. I think he's doing a little better in general. Fingers crossed!