Sunday, October 4, 2009

Of Sardines and Dogs

Buddy, who has now totally recovered from his surgery and is full of life and curiosity, came to visit today, while I was making my lunch/dinner.

He is very interested in food, as most dogs are, so first he approached from the right,

then from the left,

then he moved in just a little closer.

Before you start feeling sorry for him, rest assured, I gave him some sardines straight from the can, before making the sauce, and he even got a forkful of spaghetti - whole wheat and organic, of course.

Very simple, very quick sardine sauce for pasta.
Start boiling some salted water.
When water boils add pasta. I used Bionaturae organic whole wheat spaghetti. Stir right away, and stir often. Don't let it overcook.
In the meanwhile, chop garlic and a couple of small fresh tomatoes and sautee them briefly in extra virgin olive oil. From Italy, of course. I get mine at Costco.
Add a can of drained sardines. Break up with a fork and cook for a few minutes.
Drain spaghetti. Season with sauce.

You could add a bit of chili flakes to the oil when you sautee the garlic and the tomatoes, or some black pepper at the end, or both.

I opened both a can of Trader Joe's Sardines in olive oil as well as a can of Crown Prince Wild Caught Skinless Boneless Sardines in olive oil. Straight out of the can I think the Crown Prince were superior, but I wouldn't bet my life on it, and once they were mixed with garlic and tomatoes, I'm sure I couldn't tell the difference. In any case the pasta, accompanied by a bit of red wine, was excellent.

Sardines are supposed to be very good for you. Dr. Weil says so.

Buddy doesn't respond immediately to his temporary name, so I tried a few others on him.
He responded to Thor.

I think he's more of a Thor than a Buddy, don't you?
Or maybe not, maybe he's a George after all.

Hopefully he will soon have his very own perfect family, and they can even call him Pinky, if they wish. 


SummersStudio said...

Buddy, Thor, George looks like such a sweetie. Don't you just love a dog when they are sleeping? I often wish I could sleep so blissfully without a care in the world. Well except for those pesky squirrels my dogs chase in their sleep.

anna maria said...

Dogs and cats are so cute when they sleep, like children. It's the blissfulness and the positions they get into: totally sacked out, or all curled up, or chin on the paws. Sweet.

sharon said...

Buddy is beautiful!! Glad to hear is doing good!
Thank you for your lovely comments Anna Marie, it really means a lot to me. NOW, I am dying for some pasta and to look at some good pictures of Italy......

Anonymous said...

What a delicious-sounding meal. Glad Buddy got something to eat. Sardines are the best. Yum! I'm glad he's feeling much better after his surgery.


Candy said...

I'm so glad to see that Buddy is doing well. He has the sweetest face!

The spaghetti looks delicious. I'm a Dr. Weil fan, also.

anna maria said...

For the past two days he has been staying at another person's house instead of at my neighbor's downstairs and I miss him! I'm a sucker for dogs!

grittyjane said...

He is soooo adorable!...and that plate of food is looking mighty tasty about now. =)

Leslie said...

What a face! I love his different approaches. Atticus does that too. The other day, as he tried all sides of K's high chair, K was laughing so hard he almost couldn't breathe!

Your sauce looks awesome!

lisa bebi said...

OMG, i love your blog! dogs, italian cooking, art - so fulfilling! and so delightful.
i absolutely got tears in my eyes reading this - love your dog. AND i am going to try your recipe - my husband often makes it with tuna canned in italy (in olive oil) yum...its our favorite. and the one made with a whole (cleaned) crab is good too.

anna maria said...

Leslie and Jane, yes he is adorable, but I'm hoping he will find a home soon!

Lisa, thank you, but let's not call him "MY" dog, ok? Me and dogs = risky stuff. When I lived in Italy I had 5 at one point, all strays, and here in the US I had 3 up until a year ago, and when you're a renter in San Francisco that's pushing it!
I used to make that pasta with tuna all the time, but I am now trying to use sardines instead because they are supposed to be good for you. Never tried it with crab but that sounds really good.

Deryn Mentock said...

Hi Anna Maria! I have a question for you and an answer about the Diamond Glaze. Could you email me at

Anonymous said...

P.S. Looks more like a "Thor". Have you continued to call him Thor? Does he still respond to that name? It took a while to find names for my dogs -- names that they'd respond to.