Sunday, November 14, 2010

Post lunch walk - passeggiata post-pranzo

Part two - parte seconda.
In a food, wine and overall good mood induced trance I walked to my place to feed the strays and space out.
In un trance provocato da cibo, vino e benessere generale mi sono incamminata verso casa mia per dare da mangiare ai randagi e per sognare ad occhi aperti.


Christine said...

How lovely to hear your voice! More videos, please. :)

anna maria said...

thanks Christine. I would love to put up more videos, but my internet connection is via this little gadget like a cigarette lighter that has a fixed amount of daily MB volume allotted, and a one minute video goes over the allotted time.
Kind of a pain, but better than nothing. Hopefully in a month or so this should improve.

Anonymous said...

How lovely that you've relocated to Italy. Lucky you! I agree with Christine. How lovely to hear your voice, too, along with the sounds of nature. Che bella!

Have a wonderful new week.

Paz xoxo