Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Accidental video

Sometimes my favorite videos are the ones I shoot by accident.
A volte succede che i miei video preferiti sono quelli che faccio inavvertitamente.


Janet aka: Gianna said...

I've done that before! It really makes a very cool perspective though! I like it!

Mirl said...

Accidental video? Interesting, but I'm hoping you'll get around to shooting the real thing. Give us a tour of the villa and grounds, please.


Mirl said...

Thought I posted a comment this morning, but it seems to have disappeared. The "Accidental Video" prompted me to suggest that you shoot some video of the future B&B (or dog hostel, if it comes to that). I'd enjoy seeing the grounds as well, especially as shot from the terrace on the roof, so I can see the tree that grows where I once spent two weeks digging a swimming pool out of solid rock! Just a thought.

anna maria said...

Hi Mirl,
I have to ok the comments before they get published. I would love to shoot longer videos but I am currently using a system here that allows me only 100MB a day of total activity and one video lasting 1 minute uses up most of those. I will try to shoot a quick one, under 30 sec. of the views you want to see. The trees planted in that space are HUGE.
When I get my shipment of hoiusehold goods I will also at some point scan a photo of you digging down there, shot from the roof, and a photo of how it is now. Then and now.

anna maria said...

P.S. the video was "accidental" because I did not know my camera was on.

Christine said...

I love this accidental video. It's so innocent! :)

Mirl Wythe said...

OK, now I see how this works. Thanks for the reply -- I look forward to any video and the scanned photos would certainly be appreciated.


PS: The "selecting profile" drop-down still has me baffled, but I'll hope for the best.