Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dogs, dogs, dogs

There are more dogs in the pack than I initially thought, because some of them stay on the land next to mine and never come over to my place, at least not while I am there. The two large white ones are of a breed called "Pastore Maremmano" and they belong to the man who owns that land. The rest are unfortunately just multiplying. I've been told that a local vet has come over several times to try to capture the two adult females, but has had no luck. I'm sure many of them have never had contact with a human hand. Since I don't live at my place yet, all I can do right now is to walk over there almost every day and take them food. There are also a father and daughter and another person who lives in the neighborhood who have been regularly bringing them food for a long time.

There are six pups and usually only four come over to eat. A couple of them are beginning to get a little braver. 

Last night I found myself worrying about "Little Runt" - he's the one you see at the end of the video, in profile: not much of a chin, very little fur, and back legs like a hare, but he does manage to hold his own at dinner time!

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