Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

I've just joined Shadow Shot Sunday and here is my contribution for today. I shot this in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco back in 2009, but it's the best I could come up with right now, seeing that it is currently nighttime and pouring rain outside here in southern Italy!
That's not my dog Eden, but looks just like so many photos that I have taken of her running in GG Park. I miss her badly and hope to get back to see her in October.


Christine said...

Welcome to Shadow Shot Sunday, Annamaria! I have lots of fun chasing shadows for this great blog event and I can't wait to see what shadows you will show us.
I'm so sorry that you had to leave your sweet dog in SF. Keep me in mind when you come back in October; I have family in there and would love to pop down from the north coast to meet you. Samovar Tea, perhaps?

anna maria said...

That would be great Christine! I love Samovar and lived just 2 blocks from there for a long time.
I found SSS through you today and mentioned it in my comment when I joined them.

Hey Harriet said...

This is a sweet photo! I love the dog prancing through the bright green park! Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday!

PS - your link in Mr Linky wasn't working for some reason (I popped over here via a comment you left on my blog) so I'll go fix your link now. Also you asked about the coding for the other SSS logo? I never made coding for that one as many people had trouble with the code not working for the first one, so I didn't bother. Most people just copy and paste the image into their posts with that one. Hope that helps :)

anna maria said...

Thank you Harriet, I'm glad to have joined, because light and shadow are some of my favorite photo subjects.