Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dedicated to St. Melangell - Dedicato a Santa Melangell

Saint Melangell is the patron of hares, rabbits and small animals. I completed this mixed media piece last night, just minutes before midnight, with her in mind.
Santa Melangell e` la protettrice delle lepri, dei conigli e degli animali di piccola taglia. Ieri sera, poco prima della mezzanotte, ho completato questo dipinto in tecnica mista, con lei in mente.
Happy New Year to all - Felice Anno Nuovo a tutti!
Watercolor paper, collage, acrylic paint, pens.
Carta da acquerello, collage, pittura acrilica, pennarelli. 


Kim Rae Nugent said...

Happy New Year to you Anna! I always enjoy reading your posts. The hare is beautiful!

anna maria said...

Thank you bunches, Kim!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love your dedication.
Also, your bright use of color.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a message. I appreciate it.
Off to check out some more of your blog.

anna maria said...

Thanks for visiting Elizabeth and thanks for you comment.

Jan said...

Anna Maria, Did you see this story?


It is in Brindisi which I think is where you live?

anna maria said...

Yes, Jan, I saw that story yesterday. It's so touching and I love that the priest lets him stay. Brindisi is about 45 minutes from my town.