Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Backgrounds and Doodles

Every time I accomplish something having to do with the house or the land or just the requirements of daily life, I reward myself with hours of DIY youtube videos or putting paint and pens on paper.
Yesterday I took my car in for this thing called a "revisione" (much more than a smog test) and it passed, which means I'm set for two years, and today I delivered what I hope is the final documentation in the never-ending saga for obtaining gas heating. So I had a lot of rewarding to do!

A couple  of days ago I made these two backgrounds, but haven't yet decided what to paint over them. I put paint on both pages and then stenciled over the paint with gesso or white paint - can't remember which. Maybe I can't decide how to proceed because I like them the way they are. 
Last night I worked on two very different pages at the same time. On the one on the left, inspired by Doodlediem's youtube channel, I used my Uni Posca markers to draw and doodle. This is the brand sold in Europe that is excellent in place of Sharpie Poster Paint pens, maybe even better for writing over acrylic paint.  Unfortunately I have them in only 3 colors and only in the large size, but there are many more available in stores elsewhere and online.
The one on the left started out like this:
This is definitely an enjoyable process. They only difficult thing is knowing when to stop. 
Here's a close-up.


Kim Rae Nugent said...

I love all the creativity that is flowing onto your pages! Beautiful!

anna maria said...

Thank you Kim!