Sunday, September 27, 2009

My house...

This morning I woke up still thinking about my current constant thought, "where do I want to live?", which I wrote about in yesterday's post. So I decided I needed to make an "affirmation" page about it and, following up with what I started here, I painted the background, then added the words in Photoshop Elements 6. I have trouble writing directly on my journal pages or paintings, so if I create the background in a journal or on drawing paper and add words in Photoshop, I can always change it. No commitment.

I will print the version with the words as a 4"x6" card and place it near the last one I made. I like the image better without the words, but I felt it was important to get the thoughts down on paper.

Maybe it will help me stop wishing I were somewhere else, and not knowing where that somewhere is. I don't think I've ever felt quite like this before.

P.S. Another version with more text in a different font and color.


Leslie said...

I'm sure that anywhere you go/stay will be a wonderful home.

sharon said...

I adoooore your piece, it is so fresh and alive, the imagery is wonderful! I would looooove to see you write directly on it, to go with the moment of the feeling....It is beautiful!

anna maria said...

Leslie and Sharon, thank you both!
Sharon It's so difficult for me to write on a piece. As you can see, I've already made two versions of it, but by doing it in Photoshop I've kept the original. Of course, now that I've scanned it, I guess I could go ahead and write on it, couldn't I? :)

Candy said...

I love this! The colors are luscious.

The Pacific Northwest or southern Italy? Take as much time as you need. The answer will come.

I really like the photos of you with your grandparents and your mom and the rest of the family.

anna maria said...

Thanks for visiting and for the comments Candy!