Monday, September 21, 2009

What's My Story?

Buddy (aka Bud, aka George) is still being fostered as several people and organizations are trying to find him a good permanent home.

I can't help but wonder, as I peer into those beautiful amber eyes, what his story is. A couple of mornings ago the woman who found him was driving on an onramp when she saw him running towards the freeway. She pulled over, stopped her car, opened the passenger door and he jumped in. He thereby proceeded to lie quietly on the floor in front of the passenger seat until she got him into the city, where she contacted friends and friends of friends to figure out what to do with the big lost dog in her car.

The angels at Muttville paid the bill for his check up and rabies vaccine, and on Thursday he will benefit from the city's free spay/neuter service for pits, pit mixes, and similar breeds, which has been the law in San Francisco since January 2008.

My neighbor and I have each created our own Buddy story. Mine is that he had a decent home, but got lost or was stolen and was kept by evil people who tied him up with a rope that was too tight and cut into his neck, causing the raw sore that encircles it. He was neglected, lost weight, slipped out of the noose and ran away.

My neighbor's story is that he was neglected, taken in by a rescue organization, but that the thunder that happened around 7 am on the morning he was found caused him to run away and get lost. This makes some sense because when he was found he was wearing a large, loose, leather collar that could not have caused the sore.

Whatever his story is, Buddy now needs a loving human or two to call his own.

If you or someone you know is interested in adding Buddy to your family, please contact Muttville at , but if Buddy is not your type and you are looking for an older companion dog, check our their website, because senior dogs are their specialty!


Anonymous said...

oh...he's just gorgeous!!! Can't you keep him??????? :-)
I will forward this to my daughter in LA, maybe she knows someone in SF.

thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting:: I haven't been doing a lot of art [just some mini paintings], I just posted some older pieces :-)

sharon said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog Anna! This is such a beautiful thing you are doing with the dog!! He's gorgeous, wish we could keep them all, right? I like that you have mixed media and jewelry going, I thought I was crazy myself!! I just wish I wasn't the only one to live on the east coast!! I'll be back to visit!

Judy Wise said...

Oh, that beautiful boy. I wish I could take him.

sharon said...

Thank you again for your visit and your kind comment! Did you google the pencils?! If you decide to try them let me know what you think, I think they are pretty great though!

Christine said...

He is a beautiful dog, Annamaria. I'm sending your post link to my sister in Chico.

anna maria said...

Thank you all for your comments and interest in Buddy.
A couple will be meeting him on Sunday to see if he is the right fit for them. Let's keep our fingers crossed!