Sunday, December 9, 2012

Still working in my art journal - Altri dipinti

Been working non stop in my art journal and this is what I've done since the Argo painting.
Sto lavorando assiduamente nel mio diario artistico e questo e` quello che ho fatto dal ritratto di Argo ad oggi.
An angel
Sow your seeds into the womb of the universe (from a Deepak Chopra online meditation)
Spargi i tuoi semi nel ventre dell'universo (da una meditazione di Deepak Chopra)
The House? The Manger? - La casa? La mangiatoia?
Big Dog, Little Dog
I finally discovered where to buy art supplies in this area, so I couple of days ago I visited a store in Martina Franca, about 25 minutes away, and bought more gesso, more acrylic paint and a couple of canvases. As soon as the journal is finished I will start work on a canvas. 
Ho finalmente scoperto dove comprare materiale artistico in zona, quindi un paio di giorni fa sono andata a Martina Franca, non lontano da qui, e ho comprato del gesso, altri colori acrilici e un paio di tele. Appena avro` finito le pagine del quaderno iniziero` a lavorare su una tela. 

I wonder what will show up on my pages today?
Chissa` oggi cosa apparira` nel mio quaderno?


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh you angel is wonderful and yes you should paint more. Thank for your visit.

anna maria said...

Thank you Sharon, and thanks for stopping by!

Monique Schreuder said...

That Angel is beautiful! And thanks for your commebnts on my blog! :-)

anna maria said...

Thanks Monique!

Jan said...

I LOVE your renderings of dogs. Absolutely LOVE them. The dogs especially appeal to me and touch me because dogs are so much a part of my own life!

Thank you for sharing your art with everyone!


anna maria said...

Thank you Jan, I really like painting images of dogs, and will surely do more.
Good luck for all the great work you do with homeless dogs. A rewarding but difficult task!