Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally - finalmente

Finally my one and only surviving sunflower has bloomed. I planted quite a few seeds, several sprouted, about 6 made it to transplanting, but only one grew, and grew and grew........and finally bloomed. Maybe that's why I am so excited and happy that it is now here and smiling at me. When I took this photo it was a little droopy from lack of water and from the intense heat, which today has finally abated for a while.

Il mio unico girasole sopravvissuto e` finalmente sbocciato. Ho piantato parecchi semi, alcuni hanno germogliato, circa 6 ce l'hanno fatta fino ad essere trapiantati, ma solo uno e` cresciuto e cresciuto e cresciuto.........e finalmente e` sbocciato. Forse e` per questo che sono cosi` eccitata e felice che adesso e` qui e mi sorride. Quando ho scattato questa foto era un poco appassito per non essere stato innaffiato e per il caldo intenso, che oggi finalmente si e` attenuato.


Gianna / aka Janet said...

Aww - thanks for sharing, Anna Maria! Sunflowers make me smile! Is that Plumbego that is flourishing beneath it?! One of my dearest friends is from South Africa, and they always make me think of her, and how she said that it grows wild down there!

Gianna / aka Janet said...

PS: especially with Trulli in the background! ; )

anna maria said...

Hi Gianna,
yes it's plumbago that my father planted over 25 years ago, and which has been thriving on it's own since then. So I'm not surprised that it can grow wild!

peggy gatto said...

What a beautiful sunflower!!!!!!!
I love gardens and flowers!