Saturday, January 8, 2011

Silly 3.3

Silly 3.3
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This is my third drawing for the Art of Silliness- 3 class offered online by Carla Sonheim.
Interesting stuff coming out here......ummmm. This is the caption beneath it, using some names that were part of the assignment. Demented but fun, what can I say?
"The Squeen and her Squeenettes, from left to right: Zerp, Poogy and Bragula. 
Bragula got her name because her mother, Count Dracula's sister-in-law, thought it so cute that her sister, Count Dracula's wife, would refer to her husband with that nickname whenever he recounted how much blood he had sucked on his most recent outing with the boys.
The Bleefleeper was recently fired because all the blees he was in charge of fleed the country.
Pencil, Uniball Vision Elite pen, watersoluble Neocolor II crayons, on paper.
I got too lazy to write anything on the page....."

Terzo disegno per la classe online di Carla Sonheim "L'arte della sciocchezza" .
Non traduco la descrizione che ho aggiunto perche` e` troppo demente!
Mi diverto cosi`, che vi devo dire?