Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trees - Gli alberi

  Trees have the power to calm me. I can be wound tight and stressed, but when I am with them I breathe a sigh of relief. They live three blocks from my home and they are the best part of the neighborhood. I visited them this morning with Eden. Gli alberi hanno il potere di calmarmi. Posso sentirmi tesa e stressata ma, quando sono in mezzo a loro, non posso fare a meno di rilassarmi e fare un sospiro di sollievo. Vivono in un parco a tre isolati da casa mia e sono la parte migliore del quartiere. Questa mattina, con Eden, sono andata a trovarli.

Do you see her? La vedi?

We are fortunate to see another Spring.............and these flowers are for you.  Abbiamo la fortuna di vedere ancora un'altra primavera...................e questi fiori sono per te. 


Christine said...

Trees give us so much, precious oxygen notwithstanding. I can see how your forest rejuvinates you. Pretty spring flowers. Thank you! :))

Anonymous said...

Very cool about the trees. I love the flowers. Yay for Spring!


Janis said...

Hi Anna Maria - Do you remember me? I have been thinking about you and wondering how you've been. I was remembering our thoughts about drawing (or painting) together sometime...was that 2 years ago? Well, we are moving up to Marin in a few months, changing location, changing, changing, hooray... and hoping to get back in the swing of sketchbook drawing or painting. I will contact you when I finally cross that bridge :^)

I love your blog...your thoughtful heart shines through...