Monday, December 28, 2009

We are all connected

(watch it on Youtube, at least you will get the entire image!)

A friend sent me a link to this video yesterday and I think I have watched it at 
least five times since then. 
Now I get Fr. Thomas Keating's reference, in a DVD I just listened to of talk he gave this year, to the fact that rather than being made from the slime of the Earth, we are made of "star stuff". Now I also get Joni Mitchell's song "Woodstock", where she says "we are stardust". Where have I been, I wonder, that I did not know that physicists have said that all the elements on Earth, including what we are made of came from theheart of an exploding star? 
What I also don't get is why text is never formatted correctly when I
add a video???


Christine said...

A good reminder for us all! Thanks for sharing.

Marina said...

how absolutely wonderful is this video!!! thanks for sharing it here....