Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saint Lucia's Bread

I made this traditional sweet bread for St. Lucia's Day in December of 2006.

It was delicious, and even though I don't think I'll be making it this year I wanted to mention it and post a link to the entry in which I wrote about it back then, just because it makes me happy to look at this photo.

I'm afraid that if I made it, I'd probably eat the whole thing. Do check it out, it's all about Saint Lucia and her bread and it is here.


sharon said...

Thank you so much for this Anna! First of all, your photo is lovely, you did an amzing job! Second, My mother's name is Lucia, and I am sure she does not know all of this beautiful information, which I can now share with her! I am sure her mother knew it though, who was much more of a devout Catholic than we are. This has touched me. My mom says she dislikes her name, but I think she secretly likes it!

chrissy said...

hi anna maria
my name is chrissy and i am going to the artful journey in february.
i think it's nice to know who i'm going to be meeting so i popped on your blog to read about you. you had me at your profile!
you sound like a saint!
i love your photo of the lucia bread. it makes me happy too! i'm going to go and read all about it.
have the most wonderful weekend.
can't wait to meet you!

anna maria said...

Hi Sharon,
tell your mother I love the name Lucia!

Hi Chrissy,
I'm looking forward to meeting you too. I'm in Nina's class, how about you?
By the way I am nothing like a saint, not even close...

Anonymous said...

I remember when you made this bread! I love the way it looks!

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

Paz *humming the tune Santa Lucia*

Simona said...

What a lovely bread!