Monday, June 29, 2009

Green for Solidarity

Because I am lucky enough to have the freedom to do so, I chose one of the "greenest" photos I could find in my photo library to join with other bloggers today in voicing my solidarity with the people of Iran who wish to freely exercise their right to peaceful protests, a right which I have heard is supposedly guaranteed them by their own government.

I have had an affinity for Iranians and their culture ever since I made my first Iranian friends in 1977. To this day an Iranian woman with whom I attended college and shared an apartment is one of my dearest friends and someone I consider a sister.

Unfortunately, this tiny gesture of solidarity and my prayers for peace and freedom for all people are all I can offer.


Paz said...

Wonderful post. Love your very green photo. What a big gesture of support. Thank you!


Leslie said...

It's all of our little gestures that raise awareness and make big changes. Sorry I didn't know about this.


Pam said...

I love this! It has given me chills to watch this movement in Iran (and with the recent news that some of the clerics have come out saying the election was flawed) - and there has been so much global support at the grass roots level (from people like you). It has to help hold them up!