Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Beautiful Mystery

a beautiful mystery
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UPDATE! I know what it is and where it is. It is Masterwort (Astrantia), it is in the Rose Garden at Woodland Park in Seattle, and it is not a vine. All courtesy of the kind people at Dave's Garden. I am going to add their link in the sidebar if they are not there already.

Original post:
I shot this photo in the Seattle Botanical Gardens, or was it the Rose Garden? Or are they one and the same? It was near the zoo and it was a beautiful place, but I could not find an ID tag for this plant.

I've posted it to the Plant and Tree Identification forum on Dave's Garden, but am posting it here as well in case one of you knows what it is.

Unfortunately, I can't remember if it was a climber or a shrub. Darn.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Dave's Garden is a super valuable place. I'm going to pay them a visit to.

Leslie said...

So funny. My very first post was of flowers and the one I couldn't identify was the Astrantia. My plant blooms in red though. Beautiful flower!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful and unique.